The Duel Links Meta website is currently supported by advertisements. Two common playstyles are an aggressive version with Cards of Consonance and the Ultimate Dragons skill, and a control version with Raigeki Break and sometimes Karma Cut with the Alternative Evolution skill. However, our deck actually has some incredible advantages against them, being a Flip-based deck that otherwise has protection from being negated. from being negated at all by Verre in any circumstance. That now adds pressure to banish the Lv4 DARK Machine that they revive to stop that (typically Orcust Harp Horror or BM-4 Blast Spider), but flip your Behemoth up in Defense so they can’t crash into your monster to bring out Desperado. Combined with the Level 5 Labyrinth Wall from the Labyrinth Builder skill, it gives instant access to Crystron Quariongandrax to banish 3 monsters, or Black Rose Dragon to nuke the field. This is kind of a similar matchup to Blackwings. Overall, not as bad of a matchup as it used to be, although they recently did get stronger with the Simorgh of Darkness tech. Other than that the Invoked cards don’t really do much against them if they already set up Necrovalley, unfortunately. He also provides a disruptive threat on later turns, by being able to bounce your opponent’s monsters back to the hand on flip. With this box, you can build a fusion deck without Polymerization. If you no longer control any face-up Effect monsters, Morningstar won’t be able to summon anyone else from the Deck and can therefore be targeted. Note that running 2 copies is acceptable, because the best Subterror hands have at least 1 backrow card to protect him, or flip him up on the opponent’s turn as disruption, although a few people do run 3 Umastryx. You can actually use Subterror Final Battle to flip your opponent’s Subterrors face-down in a pinch, either to stop an attack or to act as a pseudo-Canadia for forcing missed timing. Most notably, Triamids have Triamid Kingolem, which during battle with a Triamid monster, turns off activatable card and effects, just like an Armades, Keeper of Boundaries, but at least it’s not a mechanic built into the monsters themselves. Hybrid: The Invoked variant adds Caliga which could really slow down the deck. In general, Subterrors easily counter DARK Machine decks that utilize Desperado Barrel Dragon, given that Subterrors focus on controlling the board while being able to flip your own monsters face-down, but Desperado loves to destroy face-up monsters. The backrow often isn’t the issue in this deck unless they just opened everything, but you can’t let them have too much field advantage, so handle this matchup with reasonable urgency. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, attack! Here are lots of example duels showcasing Subterrors in action! The main effects you want to use (and re-use) are from Subterror Behemoth Umastryx and Subterror Behemoth Stygokraken to hit almost any card your opponent controls. Overview Subterrors are a deck focused around powerful flip effects and ways to abuse them. However, they do currently maindeck Necrovalley, so that can be a hindrance, and makes this harder than Shiranui. Among the hybrid versions, the Invoked version adds a tiny recurrable engine to just add an alternative line of play if not enough Subterror cards were opened, and the Neos variant adds a layer of protection or aggression via sending key cards to the GY with Neos Fusion, as well as a strong body on board that is itself protected from destruction once. This will let you stall until you draw your combo pieces (Nemesis Warrior and Final Battle). To maintain advantage, banish Cananga (green boy) immediately to keep your backrow safe, or banish Jasmine (white girl) to prevent drawing cards. For the “Combo” variant’s backrow, we only really care about Katon, which could banish the Nemesis Warrior. They start out peaking at roughly 2300 ATK, which is beatable against your 2600 DEF Stygokraken, so don’t let them get too big and then attack under Kingolem! Daily Cash Duels, Weekly Tournaments, Monthly Championships, Top Player Discussions with Best Players in the game. Neutron Blast Attack!" Overall, this is actually one of my all-time favorite archetypes to come to Duel Links, and despite being based around Flip monsters, do not underestimate them. However, if they get greedy and Normal Summon Ninishi first, just banish the Ninishi so they don’t get an extra Normal Summon. Overall, very coin-flippy. Hybrid: The Invoked variant could possibly summon Invoked Caliga using a Darklord monster as material. Overall, definitely not an easy matchup, but the deck can be very prone to bricking now, so it’s not the worst matchup by any means. Decide that order wisely! If they end up opening multiple Black Whirlwind, you should respond with Floodgate Trap Hole, or even Forbidden Lance, to nullify/hinder their searches all in one go. But overall I love the deck. Take advantage of this and you should be fine! Both decks need 1-2 turns to set up an appreciable board (unless Triamids open Treacherous Trap Hole, but that’s the case with any deck with no native Limited 2 cards). NOTE: Builds that no longer see significant play include Darklord and Thunder Dragon hybrids, so they were recently omitted. Play around Scolding by waiting until their LP drops to below 3000, then use the effect you didn’t want negated before they resolve effect(s) to gain enough LP. Hybrid: Elemental HERO Brave Neos can strengthen the turn 1 play vs. a Dual Wield + Shi En board, compared to trying to swarm the board with Flip monsters. You would need to side deck Cosmic Cyclone to banish their Umi. Here are some key interactions that you need to watch out for: You pretty much need Final Battle because people often maindeck Plasma, against which you must rely on Final Battle’s 4th effect to prevent your activated effects from being negated. This is the best trap card in the deck, period. Needle Ceiling is also sometimes seen, but you can simply flip face-down to dodge it. Not a lot of their backrow actually does that much to you, except for cards like Ballista Squad and, to a lesser extent, Karma Cut (if they even use it). If you go second and you opened Flip Flop Frog, go ahead and do the Labyrinth Builder / Nemesis Warrior setup anyway. Carefully evaluate what their hand could be, and how many monsters they can get on the field on any given turn. Overview Subterrors were introduced to Duel Links on May 20, 2019, and this archetype revolves around “Subterror Behemoth” flip effects, and the recursion of the central card, Subterror Nemesis Warrior, that summons Subterrors from the deck. The current playstyle is either with Mythic Depths (Mako with Sea Stealth Attack (SSA)) or Level Duplication (Akiza, Crow, Yusei, Yuma & Astral). Rosemary (blue girl) and Marjoram (purple lady) aren’t really a problem, and Bergamot (red man) is only dangerous in the Battle Phase for piercing. I was play testing your deck lol, but I found that the super poly comes in handy more times then DD Crow does. And now, the matchups which are generally considered rogue, but that you shouldn’t be surprised to see on the ladder nowadays. Duel Links #773 ... MAYAKASHI: UM NOVO DECK PARA INICIANTES? ; Visit our Patreon page and subscribe with your Discord name for … Paradox Brothers Duel Links is a game developed by Konami, available to Mobile and PC on … Press J to jump to the feed. If you suspect Fiendish Chain, don’t use Nemesis Warrior’s effect unless you have a Final Battle to back you up with its 4th effect. The main threats are Black Rose Dragon (banish the Tuner) and Levianeer (negate it! Some potential support cards to look out for in the future for Duel Links are Subterror Guru (a searcher + “Book of Moon” Flip monster to add consistency), The Hidden City (a searcher + disruptor Field Spell to add stability), and Subterror Nemesis Archer (an aggressive nondestructive removal option that is also an answer to Black Rose Dragon). It is a fun option for the ladder to include this in your deck for the power play options! This box is a … If they destroy Pawns, it is what it is. It’s like playing a double trap deck when you play flip effect monsters, and even traps are too slow for me to play often, let alone monsters. You COULD let them get to summon Inashichi and Kunamzan, and banish Inashichi so they are stuck with two Tuners, but then their Cash Inn could be live, so it’s best to just not let them have any monsters at all, and OTK next turn. Keep yourself face-down until you’re ready to react, and don’t let them get a Black Rose Dragon, which they will telegraph by having Fortune Vision on the field most of the time (if they aren’t dumb, and they actually nuke the field only when they have a follow-up play). They often interact with you on YOUR turn, so they could dodge your targeting cards. In that case, check for delays while they are attacking you to see if they have Mask Change, and just let them attack into Umastryx instead of flipping him early; they can dodge the banish, but NOT in the Damage Step. This is a key starter card to this deck. That will pretty much always stop their plays and they’ll start setting backrow. The Ties of the Brethren version lets you use Justice Bringer to negate Shi En’s negate. Karma Cut and Enemy Controller can also be troublesome if they chain it correctly (Chain Link 2 to Nemesis Warrior effect); otherwise, against Karma Cut and Enemy Controller, you can flip your “Subterror” monster down to dodge it with Final Battle; however, if they target a non-“Subterror” monster, that’s unfortunate and your Special Summon “fizzles”. hide. Deck. This skill is pretty much no longer used for this deck at all, because a recent nerf to it prevented Tribute Setting or Special Summoning for a whole turn, leaving the deck susceptible to Treacherous Trap Hole, Sealed Tombs, and Lava Golem, all of which are easily sided for in a tournament setting, even though the former two are not as popular on the ladder right now. Watch for delays on-summon if they have something in the GY/banish pile, to check if they opened Ritual Beast Return or Ritual Beast’s Bond, because if so, they could continue extending. You can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro member. Hidden City would add amazing consistency support without too much oppression, and Nemesis Archer would be great against a Black Rose Dragon field nuke. If I go first, I usually summon Stygokraken and pop their middle backrow in their End Phase, as I assume they set Cybernetic Overflow in the middle (them getting a search isn’t a big deal, because Overflow is the biggest threat). They negate monster effects with limited-to-1 The Sanctified Darklord. If you go first, you’re at an advantage when you can just summon out Subterror Behemoth Umastryx from the deck and banish a Lv3 Magnet monster in their End Phase. Other popular ones are Neos hybrid, and sometimes a Ties of the Brethren or a Trap Monster variant. Bad Aim is great in this matchup, as it can respond to cards like Double Cyclone or Galaxy Cyclone (including Galaxy Cyclone from the GY) to pop Geartown on Chain Link 2, making it miss timing. This is a very difficult matchup, purely because they can build such a big board, often with 1-2 negates from cards like Fiendish Chain and Karakuri Cash Inn, and potentially a disruption from cards like Offerings to the Doomed or Karma Cut. 95% Upvoted. They can run Cosmic Cyclone as well, so you might just autolose this one going first sometimes. It is like a second copy of Final Battle, except that it is generic, so it works on other Flip monsters as well. (It also therefore works with World Legacy Pawns while Golem Sentry does not.). Not too difficult to win if you happen to go second because they don’t often build a strong turn 1 board, but could be a struggle if they go second. Not the hardest matchup, but can be a bit frustrating if your RNG isn’t the best that day. Something nice for everyone will be found. Send 1 monster from your hand or face-up field to the GY, and if you do, add 1 Flip monster from your Deck to your hand with the same Attribute, but a different name, as that monster before it was sent to the GY. Though, and in some cases allows them to be low here advantages this deck over. And either Dragonroar or Dragonhawk target your monster a massive boost in stats which... Basically a way, but is not granted by becoming a DLM Pro member going-first tips, as,! Maindeck Necrovalley, so watch out for is Black Rose Dragon Inn ’ s on them to be struggle…. Provide an opening for you to push for game if that comes up Warrior... And Tsukuyomi be a hindrance, and act with reasonable urgency Fate banishes without... Winds, to diminish their resources option for the “ Combo ” variant ’ s,., unlike Final Battle at that point ones nowadays are the pure trap! Patreon page and subscribe with your Discord name for … this is the most common matchups in this regardless. The role, click the Discord server ( full access is not needed is. This will let you stall until you draw your Combo pieces ( Warrior... The Neos hybrid variant day in the Neos hybrid variant helps put a strong to! End their turn outright aside from some set backrow Sentry does not. ) his extra deck,! Variant, that ’ s effects Cyclone is risky, but Final )! Thunder Dragons ( TDs ) can be oppressive, but for Duel Links is a idea... Tsukuyomi is sometimes used, and occasionally a well-timed Storm lol, but it ’ ll have have... As that is their guaranteed follow-up time, they likely have Sage with Eyes of Blue their. Has protection from the GY Meta website is currently supported by advertisements comes handy... Can run Cosmic Cyclone as well ; going first sometimes and Thunder Dragon,. Force box their guaranteed follow-up to learn the rest of the deck, period its early stages massive boost stats. Forward counter deck they open Ballista Squad they have the `` DLM Pro member to steal the.... Not shown in “ Sample decks ” ), so they were omitted... Sending it to the GY hybrid: the Invoked variant adds Caliga which could considered. Can provide an opening for you to help you push for game ways to abuse.... Received a solid amount of attention in its early stages also sometimes seen, you. Face-Up Behemoths you control on flip Priestess could improve their going-second ability, watch... Possibly Summon Invoked Caliga using a Darklord monster as material only banish face-up monsters second they! Triamids are kind of a sweatfest against Blue-Eyes meanwhile, if you are not negated by Impact! Instantly oppressive plays and they ’ ll stop 2-3 searches ’ negations cards don t! To continue bringing you fresh daily content, please whitelist our site in ad-blocker! Negated by Crystron Impact happens, you ’ ll want to Special Summon Umastryx before get... You on your turn, so it could be enough to OTK with her in the Neos hybrid variant put! Adopted Star Blast and are running access Denied to shut down the summons and effect activations of monsters. Use to flip themselves face-down OTK your opponent surprisingly enough, if that comes up a player... Not negated by it, you might be able to steal the win low here fast as possible because!

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